Alain Kirili, sculpteur de tous les éléments

Documentary 52’, 2008 (French speaking, English subtitles) 
by Sandra Paugam
based on an idea from Jean-Paul Fargier
Collection « A contre-temps » / Groupegalactica / Production BIX films

Alain Kirili, abstract sculptor, lives between Paris and New York but his art is worldwide open. He likes meeting other arts and artists and often invites jazz muscians, dancers, poets to perform among his sculptures in his studio, in an art gallery or museum. He uses all kind of materials such as stone, iron, terra cotta, zinc, aluminium, cardboard, resin, wax, polystiren, concrete.... If he could, he would even sculpt clouds. Portrait of a joyful and hyper active man, who invents forms promised to caresses.

2002_couv dvd_priere de toucher.jpg

Alain Kirili : prière de toucher

Documentary 54' , 2002 (French speaking) 
by Jean-Paul Fargier
Co-prod. Vidéo Montages, 2000 / Réunion des Musées Nationaux RMN (Editeur )

Retrospective film on the sculptor Alain Kirili, showing the artist creating while jazz musicians play in his studio, selecting the stone in a stone-pit, talking about verticality, about the base, about Giacometti or Monet. And about his very important installation of sculptures from the 20th century in the Tuileries, in Paris.

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Experimental film 5'56'' - France / USA - 1995
by Chrystel Egal

The sculptor, Alain Kirili in the process of creation. We hear him speak Jack Kerouac's, "Charlie Parker's chorus" from "Mexico City Blues", in the french he shares with Kerouac who came from a French Canadian family. A combo of risk, acceleration and percussions. "Solos", a new ensemble of metal sculptures. The Alto break as a film, as an ethic in life Canal street - New York - February 1995.